Gracefully Creating Beautiful Fibers

My hobby became my passion several years ago. After learning how to knit my love for yarn and all things fiber related just continued to grow.

Gracelynn Wool was born one Late June evening. My girls were dancing in the kitchen as they helped me dye yarn and my son sat contently at the counter stacking the dyes I was using. When I stepped back and watched my sweet family enjoy each other while they helped me do what I loved so much, I just knew I needed them to be at the very center of my new adventure. We came up with "Gracelynn" by combining my girls middle names together. The splatter mark was added to the logo because my counter is adorned with them, all because my little's have helped me add dye to the dye pots and at one time or another it has splattered onto the green laminate that covers my counters.

I have a go with the flow and rock what you got kind of style- dye lots will vary and each skein is unique. Sometimes the pots yield one of a kind colorways so the shop will always offer surprises!

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